Ron Coale, Rev.

Ron Coale, Rev.

Matthew 9:13 …for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

The Lord Jesus Christ makes it very clear that He did not come to the earth to call the righteous to repent.  The righteous have no need to repent; they are already “right” with God. Their problems with sin are already taken care of.  However, God’s opinion is that there are none who are righteous except the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

The person, who feels they are “right” with God, will never come to the Lord.  They will make excuse after excuse to avoid a confrontation with God.  They justify keeping control of their life by convincing themselves that they are “right” with God.

On the other hand, the person who feels there is something that is not “right” between them and God will come to Jesus.  Because the Lord is perfect and they are not, there is a repentant attitude that accompanies them.  These are the people that the Lord Jesus came to the world to call.

Do you have a need for Christ?  Are you righteous or a sinner?  You can be right by agreeing with God and coming to Him as a sinner.  Only then can your sin problem be solved and you can be “right” with God.


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