The Purpose of the Church

Sharing is Caring

By Ron Coale

The purpose of the church is multi-faceted, but it revolves around one—only one—activity.  That activity is the winning of souls.  In short, it is telling others how to be saved, encouraging them to get saved, and leading them in the process of being saved. We are very plainly told in the Bible that, “…he that winneth souls is wise.” (Pro. 11:30).  The activity of winning souls stands over every endeavor a Bible believing church is involved in.  It is paramount, un-negotiable and vital.  If you do not think so, then you are sadly mistaken.

“…he that winneth souls is wise.”

Proverbs 11:30

Today, the church has evolved into some kind of conglomerate, some kind of multi-functional business venture (emphasis on“business venture).  Like some GoodSamaritan club, people come together to escape the harsh attacks of evil that they withstand throughout their week.  It takes the place of some good, wholesome fun that can be found no place else in the world.  And, it becomes an educational source where people can go and have their morals sharpened by the word of God.  Of course, all of these are not wrong, but they have somehow upset the cart; the scales have become out of balance.  Where at one time soul winning was the most important thing, now it has been replaced by all of the rest.  Instead of being slightly off, the church has now become grossly out of balance in the area of winning souls. 

In what areas do many churches weigh heaviest?  In what areas do they invest the bulk of their resources? They are vast and range from small group encouragement sessions to be the vassals of the distributors of Christian books and programs.  I have been to churches where they canceled meetings so they could show the super bowl.  I have preached in churches that were divided right down the middle.  On each side of the aisle sat the two prominent families of the church along with their supporting families.  The poor pastor was stuck right in the middle of the feud.  I preached at one church where I actually did no preaching at all.  The auditorium was exactly like a movie theater auditorium and the “stage” was full of rock band equipment.  All they did was play Christian rock music and there was no mention of Jesus, salvation or the Bible anywhere.  My preaching was the privileged task of being the guest of honor in the very front row center.  This is only a small sample of what some churches now call “preaching the gospel.” It is what they have replaced for winning souls.  No one in any of those churches even thinks of winning someone to Christ, let alone actually trying to do it.  Yet they are all “busy about the Lord’s work.”  In fact, there have been some people who have left churches where I pastored who said, “I can’t grow.  Every time you talk, you always say something about winning souls.  Could you please stop telling me that?”


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