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Heaven ought to be wonderful


Heaven ought to be a very wonderful place.  In fact, so wonderful, that we cannot even imagine how wonderful it will be.  It should be a place that not only overwhelms our senses, but out intellect as well.  When I read the Book of the Revelation of John, I try to imagine all of the things that John must have been seeing that moved him to write so.  When I read it, I cannot even imagine, even a little bit, what it will be like.  I’m not talking about the Tribulation parts, but the description of heaven.  How could anyone imagine streets made of gold (Rev. 21:21)?  Where did all of that gold come from and why make streets out of it?  Is it to remind us of its “stumbling block” qualities to the world (Eze. 7:19)?  How can I imagine gold that is so pure it is like clear glass (Rev. 21:18)?  It’s all just too wonderful for my finite mind to comprehend.

Yes, heaven ought to be a wonderful place.  The smells should be too wonderful to describe.  I have tried to imagine smells so wonderful and pure that my senses are so captivated that I actually want to study them; catalogue them; meditate upon them.  How can they be so intense as to remove from my soul the lust for more (Rev. 18:13)?  Do the smells, remind me of the prayers of the Saints, and become to me a sweet smelling savor as well (Rev. 5:8)?  And, how can prayers smell good to me like they do to God?  I am soon to find out what heaven smells like.  I am sure that it will use the sense of smell that I am given in such a way that I have never imagined.

God has given me a wonderful sense of hearing.  I love to be able to hear.  I cannot imagine being deaf and I have tried, but it is just something I could never do.  Similarly, I cannot imagine the sounds of heaven.  I know that the sounds will be different.  It won’t be like any church service I have even attended.  The sounds of praise for the Lord will be the greatest that have even been uttered (Rev. 19:6), and I will be there to hear it.  Perhaps it is not the sound at all, but the message that will overwhelm my senses.  When that “great voice” makes it’s soothing proclamation about God being with us (Rev. 21:3), I am sure I will be overcome with joy.  Such will be the joy, that I will not be able to forsake the production of tears of emotional joy (Rev. 21:4).

Yes!  I can see.  I have the wonderful gift of sight that God has so freely given me.  Some have it not, and I have tried to imagine what life would be like to live in the absence of sight, but I cannot.  Even though I have this wonderful gift, and there are many beautiful and magnificent things to behold in this life, I have never used this gift to it’s fullest.  There is coming that day though.  Like John, I will see the things that the Lord has for me in the future.  Until that day, I like many others, wonder what it will be like to behold all things new (Rev. 21:5).  I have seen “new things” before, but I have never seen “all things new.”  What will it be like to see “the bride, the Lamb’s wife” (Rev. 21:9)?  I cannot grasp this thought even, let alone envision it.  I am sure it will be the greatest wedding ever.  And, how can the great city, the holy Jerusalem be in heaven, descending?  I cannot imagine it.  But that is okay because, after all, who can imagine a city descending out of heaven?  I am sure that my eyes will be overworked on that day.

The senses feed information to the brain for thoughts to be processed.  With all of the new sights, sounds and smells, I wonder if I will have a headache trying to process it all.  But, that leads me to a silly thought, what will a holy headache feel like?  Or, will I have a greater capacity to process information than I even did before?  I suspect that my brain will be more active, but with no greater effort; my thoughts will be clearer, more focused, more precise.  How could the brain that I have now begin to embrace the information that will flood it?

Yes!  Heaven must be a wonderful place.  In fact, too wonderful, for a sinful saint like myself to even imagine it.  I don’t think that anyone can.  Not because I don’t have that ability, but because God wrote of it in His word.  Because He did so, clearly tells me that He is describing what is waiting for us.  When He describes it to us, there are no uses of similes to help us to identify it.  So, the most wonderful part about heaven is the use of parts of the mind and the senses that we never knew existed.  He we learn just how fearful and wonderfully made we actually are.

See you there.