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The Technicality Game by Ron Coale

Before Dee and I were married, we took her nephew to the drive in movie with us one night. Willie was quite the young boy. He liked everything that young boys like. I said I was going to go get some popcorn at the concession stand and Willie wanted to go with me. We got to the concession stand where he was eyeballing this very large Hershey’s chocolate bar. It was the kind that my dad would buy when I was a kid and it would last him for a month. Willie asked me if he could have one of those chocolate bars.  I said that he could, but he would have to let his Aunt Dee portion it out to him. I thought it best for her to give it to him in pieces and regulate how much chocolate he would eat.  I didn’t know that when we got back to the car, he showed her the chocolate bar and said, “Look what Ron got for me.  Can I have it?”  She looked at him and said, “Okay. I guess its okay.”

We continued to enjoy the movie. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes later when Willie was acting like a buzz saw. He was one big giant ball of energy. He was jittering and shaking and playing the air drums and talking a mile a minute. We looked at each other and wondered why is he acting this way. Then I asked her, “Did you give him that chocolate bar?” She said, “Well he told me that you said it was okay.” I told her I said it was okay if you gave him a piece of it. Willie had eaten a whole giant chocolate bar in about 10 minutes, and we were suffering the consequences.  For the rest of the evening he was wild with energy.

Willie and played the technicality game. The technicality game is  where you’re technically telling the truth but you say it in a misleading manner. Christians are the same way with God. They ask God to give them something when they know that He doesn’t want them to have it. They just play the technicality game to make Him think they are doing something good for Him.

Friends, God cannot be fooled. He knows what we think before we even think it. That is a thought that needs to be meditated upon. I’ll say it again, “God knows what we think even before we think it.” How do you deal with a God who knows what you think even before you think it? It’s no wonder that God tells us that we need to speak the truth. When Jesus speaks of himself saying that he is the way the truth and the life (John 14:6), He could in fact be giving us a warning; A warning that we should always tell the truth because God knows the truth even before we think it! He knows what we’re going to do even before we formulate the idea in our heads. So we better come clean!

There is no way you can deceive God.  There is no way that you can play the technicality game with him. He knows exactly what you’re going to do even before you consider doing it. That is a sobering thought! We’re dealing with the God who knows us even better than we know ourselves. There’s no way to manipulate the truth or play the technicality game with God (Matt. 6:8). There’s nothing we can do to deceive or trick God.

We are such feeble creatures. We are so finite because we live within the constraints of time. We don’t know what the next minute will bring in our lives. But God knows. I don’t mean to say this as a consoling statement. I mean to say it as a warning.  It is a statement that should make you think about always speaking truth with God. It’s a statement that should make you well aware that there’s someone who knows what you’re going to do in the next 5 minutes, and you can not deceive Him (Luke 12:27-31). You cannot play a technicality game with Him. You cannot manipulate events to make them work toward your favor. You cannot give an excuse for anything.  God knows!

How is it that He knows everything about your life? He does because He is already there. God does not live within the constraints of time. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end (Rev 22:13).  He lives outside the constraints of time. This is how He can live in our past and our future all at once. You and I however are linear creatures.  We exist from second to second, minute to minute, hour to an hour.

Not only can this be a sobering thought, but it can be a comforting thought as well. Because God knows what we’re going to do 5 minutes from now, He can arrange events in our lives that will shield, protect, guide and love us. In this way he has the power to make things happen and give us His mercy, grace and goodness.


Dealing with the End of All Things.

Dearest Brethren, The end of all things is at hand.  It has been for some time now.  Each generation of Christians have thought the same as we do today: “How can things get much worse?”  Each generation has had to deal with a turbulent and spiteful world system, while at the same time loving the souls that are captured by it.  How did they do it in the past?  How can we deal with this awkward and evil situation ourselves? 

Well, it is safe to assume that they took comfort and instruction from the Word of God.  In 1 Peter 4:7-10 we are instructed to be “…sober and watch unto prayer.”  Most importantly, to “…have fervent charity among…” ourselves because charity covers a “…multitude of sins.”  Furthermore, to be hospitable “…one to another without grudging…” and to take care of each other as we “minister “…as good stewards of …” “grace”. 

To not get duped by this world system, we need to be sober.  This deals directly with the intoxicating influence of alcohol, liquor or spirits.  But too, it addresses the influence of any passion of worldly influence.  In other words, it addresses keeping one’s “right mind.”  You have heard it said that in any stressful situation you should not panic, to keep your wits about you?  This admonition speaks to keeping a sober mind.  If we do so, then we will be attentive to the sneakiness of the Devil.  He is more deceptive than one can ever imagine.  How can we combat this deception?  How can we keep sober?  We must pray.  But not just any old praying.

Dealing with the deception of the Devil is like suddenly realizing we are in the middle of a field of land mines.  We find ourselves in such precarious situations because we do not pay attention to where we walk.  By ourselves, we can never detect the mines; they are so well hidden.  So we need a mine detector to sweep the area in front of us so we can find the mines.  Only then we can traverse the field safely.  Our prayer to God needs to be for a mine detector of spiritual deception of the Devil.  We need to ask God to show us were the mines are that can so easily trip us up.

“God please show me where the Devil is working on my life.  He wants me to fall, and I cannot see His deception.  Please identify them and help me to go around them so I can walk through this day for you without being a casualty.”

Charity (i.e. Love) is our combative weapon for dealing with a love stripped world system.

Love does not beat people down for their problems of failures.  Love either exalts someone else or says nothing at all that would be derogatory about them.

People of the world system love too!  There is no doubt about that.  They were created in the image of God as well, so they too have the attributes and emotions that God has.  It is just that they use them for things they are not meant to be used for.  Have you ever needed a screwdriver for some household chore and couldn’t find one?  I’ll bet you headed for the utensil drawer of the kitchen and picked out a butter knife to use it as a screwdriver.  What happened?  Did  you bend the tip because the screw was too tight?  Probably.

The world uses love to love self and not others.  They use something God gave them for helping others for themselves.  They bent the tip and ruined it.

Christians need not “bend the tip.”  Loving one another is the only combative weapon that Christians have to fight back against this world system.

How is it so effective in fighting the world system?  It covers the multitude of sins.  It looks beyond peoples faults.  You say, “But he/she does things wrong.”  Yes, you will notice the faults of others.  We all do that.  But love is when we know someone’s faults, but we choose to ignore it.  We choose to not bring it up.  We choose to not make a big deal about it.  That is love.  That is how Christians treat each other, especially during these last days.  We have enough enemies.  There are enough people in the world telling us to love self, pointing out our faults and directing/establishing blame.  With love, we don’t need any of that.

This is where “grudging” or begrudging comes in.  There are enough people in our lives that hold grudges.  “Grudging” is: being uneasy at another’s possession of something which we have a desire to possess.  Somebody else has something and we want it.  That is holding a grudge.  This can be with a physical object (new car, tv, dress, etc.) as well as prestige, honor or focus.  When someone gets special favor and you don’t, that is grudging.  Why does he/she get attention and I don’t?  Usually, we won’t say it out loud to someone because we are afraid of sounding petty or immature.  But we should not even think it for even one second, and if we do, we should shake that thought out of our head immediately.  That is called love.  That is thinking better of our brother or sister and rejoicing in their blessing.  This is how we minister to one another—LOVE.

With this type of living, all of our Christian ancestors have survived under difficult circumstances.  In fact, the trials for some was death, torture and degradation.  Yet they still loved.  Why?  They did so to cope with the difficulties they experienced.  After all, what kind of life would you have if all you ever did was begrudging and hating your entire life?

So, let us be sober and watch unto prayer.  Lets look for ways to love each other and the community in which we live.  What can we do in the life of another person that can make their journey along the pathway of this life a little easier?  Then, let us turn it into a fervent love so we can cover sin.  Sin does not need to be exposed and exalted.  It needs to be disdained and covered over with the blood of the Lamb.  Lets have a little grace.  With grace we can minister to each other.  The primary ones to “hold up” are those of our own church first.  It is no good to help other Christians while overlooking those of our own family.  In this we are “…stewards of the manifold grace of God.”        ~Pastor

Itching Ears

We are told of a time coming when people will “heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears” and I believe we are in that time right now. The god of most Darwinist societies is education. People feel that if they have enough education, then they will be able to accomplish anything that they want. The paper badges’ of accomplishment litter the walls as people proudly proclaim their degrees, as if they are what determine a person’s place in society. It is a free-for-all of survival of the fittest and the smart person will know how to outmaneuver and outwit their competitors. Education! That great and wonderful liberator from the righteous right; the emancipator from morality singing “glory, glory, halleluiah” all the way to and through it’s prestigious cap and gown ceremony, condemning the less fortunate to a life of being trampled under foot.

Don’t get me wrong. Education by itself is not wrong or even evil. The problem lies in what people are educated in that is bad. If you are educated to remove from its position of highest authority, the King James Bible of the Protestant revolution for some other sense of authority, then you are on shaky ground and are submitting yourself to the foray of the Darwinian monkey men. An education in the most superior of all books produces the most superior of all thinking–that of humility and love for your fellow man; a stark contrast of that of the teachings of Darwin. If you really wanted education, why then would you not turn to the book that defines the morality of man; the book that talks about the beginning and explains the ending? Why would there be time for anything else? Is it because education is not the true goal after all? is it because you want to join the stampede to the top of the ladder of success? My friend, I can safely tell you that: “the way up is DOWN!”

The itching ears of people today (2 Tim 4:3) will run to anything but God. They are driving a person crazy with unbelievable desires to scratch; to make them feel good and content. So, when Mormons or Muslims come along and explain their beliefs (?), people find it satisfying because it tells them what they want to hear. the Bible in turn, tells people what they need to hear.

It is amazing how many fables of old have now become entire systems of beliefs; drawing in tens of thousands to their evil message. look at Harry Potter for example. It doesn’t take long to analyze the overall message of “he who has the greater magical power wins.” Evil combating evil is the message. It is just the “good” evil vs. the “bad” evil. How can a sane person not see its destructive result? There must be a breaking down of barriers so that we can all come together. I know, “If I had just gone to a real school, I would be able to see because you too would be ‘enlightened.'” I don’t know about that. You can change the terminology, break down the barriers, be enlightened all you want, but trash is still trash no matter if it is clean trash or dirty trash. I would not want to sleep in it if I had a choice.

People today are full of lust. They pant and growl like a needy starved bear, just waking from its winter hibernation. They will do anything to satisfy their selfish desires. And here is the key. the focal point of the entire issue is the promotion of self in place of God. This is what modern day colleges and Universities stand for. Their main task is to bring everyone together, all in the same common heap of slop. Then, everybody wallowing in it will be down there, while we will be up here. After all, we were the EDUCATORS, were we not?

In order for people to turn away from the truth, the “educators” provide an alternate truth. Everyone has them. In following the false truth, unsuspecting students are actually turned away from the real truth (John 14:6). They are provided a hook, line and sinker which they swallow with the utmost gusto. As long as it tells them what they want to hear, then it is the “truth.” Have you ever heard someone say that they believe one teacher, over another? This question arises because people are in the process of choosing which “truth” they want to believe; which they will accept.

In stunning contrast to this situation, preachers are commanded to “Preach the word…” God knows that people must hear the Bible before it is too late. He knows if His preachers are negligent to do their jobs, then people will turn to something else. If they are not being fed in church, they will turn to the world, or the cults; anything that will satisfy that itch in their ears.

I don’t know if it is too late. I do know that the reason we are in such a terrible situation today, where people do not want to hear sound doctrine is because Christians have not done their jobs. They have stopped watching, enduring and doing the work of an evangelist (2 Tim.4:5). Because Christians became apathetic, the world has swooped in and provided their philosophy in the vacuum.

Where do we go from here? What do we do in light of such a terrible situation? the answer to this is easy. We keep winning souls. We keep training and equipping the saints. We stay strong and vigilant. When other churches around us are giving up to the worldly system of pleasing the masses, we need to stay strong in the power of His might.