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Christian Addicts

Addicts1 Corinthians 16:15 “…they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,”


In our society, the word “addiction” has an extremely bad connotation.  It is usually related to alcohol, drugs, food, cigarettes, etc.  But, there are some things that are good to be addicted to.  It is good to be addicted to your marriage, raising your children right, telling the truth, etc.  But the best addiction of all, is to be addicted to God and the ministering of His saints.

In the Christian world, we have what is known as “dabblers.”  They dabble a little here and dabble a little there; and when something becomes boring to them, they aren’t interested in it anymore.  As long as they are getting something out of it, then they are interested in it, but as soon as they aren’t getting anything out of it, then they give up and move on to something else they can dabble in for awhile.  What they need to do is become: addicted!

Herein is a great problem.  There are not enough addicts to the ministry of God.  Think about it!  You can’t get anything from a ministry, if there isn’t someone who first gives to it.  I don’t mean just money.  I mean everything.  Their treasures, talents, and most importantly–their time.  I am talking about: dedicated, out of their minds in love with Jesus, addicts.  Where are those people?  Where are those preachers?  Where are those deacons and elders?  Where are those parishioners?  That’s what our churches, country, and world needs–people who are addicted to Christ!