I Am Crucified With Christ

Date Created: 11/8/11

Text: Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.


There are stories upon stories about people who were addicts, got victory over their addiction and then returned to it once again.  Usually, each time when they return to their addiction, they fall deeper and deeper into it, until they feel so hopesly lost, that it is no longer an addiction, but life for them.

Christians too are such addicts, but they are addicted to something else.  They can have victory over it, if they learn one simple principle:  TO BE CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST.  They must crucify the root cause of these addictions.  They are…

1.       The Crucifixion of Death to Self.

Each Christian must come to the point of giving in.  Not just for salvation, but to defeat self and allow Him to lead us through this journey of life.  We must realize the cross is continually calling.  As it took the death of the Lord Jesus Christ to allow us eternal life, so it takes dying to self for us to come alive.  Being alive to Christ can only come by death to the world, self and sin.

A)   Self wants to  Control.[1]

Self is continually struggling to dominate control of our life.  When you get control of one area, self dominates another.  It is like the elephant trying to stomp out the hordes of bothersome ants.

B)    Self wants to Conceal.

(Isa. 29:15;  Rom. 13:12; Eph. 5:11)

The evil works of man are done under the cover of darkness.  Self wants to dominate your night.  It wants to bring you into the dark areas of your life and if it can’t bring you there, it will create them.  The way to combat self is to put on the armour of light–the word of God.  Then to stay away from them, therefore getting a bigger picture and being able to identify what is wrong with them.  Stay in the light.

C)   Self wants to Condemn.

Job 9:20    John 3:18    Titus 3:10-11

Self wants to condemn a person so they will live a defeated life; always feeling like they are good for nothing.  People convince themselves that there is really nothing wrong with them.  But, the greatest condemnation in the world is to not accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour.  The good news is—all you have to do is just DO IT!.  Self can be ignored for a little while.  Once you have the Lord in you, you will begin the long series of battles for domination of self, not self domination.


2.       The Crucifixion of Death to this world.

Galatians 6:14 

The saviour calls for daily dying because we live in the world day by day.  If we do not surrender our hands to the piercing nails which hold us to the cross, then we cannot be set free from the world.  We must ignore the world and abide in the suffering eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is possible to live in this world yet abide in the power of his resurrection.  Instead of living in a hopeless death, we do have the power to come alive.

A)   World wants to Influence.

James 4:4 

The world wants us to befriend it.  A little compromise here, a little there, then later a little more; and more and more, until it has completely influenced us to live as an enemy of God.  It’s influence is so subtle, that we don’t even realize it is happening to us.

B)    World wants to Infiltrate.

1 Timothy 6:17

The more the world can infiltrate our life, the more control it has upon us.  Practically speaking, this can be seen in worldly peer pressure: hair cuts, clothes, make up, music, talk, etc.  Why is it that Christians are not as submissive to Christianly peer pressure as they are to worldly pressure?  Because the world is infiltrating our lives in a much greater way.  We can turn that around by seeking more time with Christians and less time with the world.

C)   World wants to Inhabit.

2 Timothy 4:10 

When the Christian finally allows the world to “set up camp” in their lives (to inhabit), there is no desire at all for Christian influence.  THere may be token attempts to go to church once in awhile when times are bad, but their zeal and love seem to be gone.  When the world inhabits the life of a Christian, it is hard to begin living for the Lord again.


3.       The Crucifixion of Death to Sin.

Sin’s influence on a Christian is not nearly the same as the world’s or that of self.  Sin is worst of all, yet for the Christian who has read his Bible, is the easiest to identify.  Simply put, sin is the bad things we do that we know God does not like; it is the things we do that make God angry.  We do not need sin in our life.  We must nail our sinful nature to the cross.  This is where it belongs.

A)   Sin wants to Separate.

Isaiah 59:2 

God can abide much, but He cannot abide sin.  Sin is too much for a perfect God to accept.  It is beyond His principles to accept it.  It must all be dealt with harshly. Because of its corrupting nature, sin must all be separated from Him; every single bit of it.  Thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ who paid for our sin.

B)    Sin wants to Shackle.

Hebrews 12:1 

Sin ties us down so we cannot run the race for God that we ought.  It holds us back as we drag it around like so many spiritual anchors, trying to hold us in one place.  We must crucify it to the cross.  We must die to it to unshackel its weighty influence.

C)   Sin wants to Shame.

1 Corinthians 15:34 

The greatest shame that sin causes in the life of the christian is in not telling others how to be saved.  If the blasphmy of the Holy Ghost is not accepting Christ and getting saved, how much are Christians adding to this sin by not telling others how to be saved?


4.       The Crucifixion of LIFE to Christ.

Romans 6:4-6 

I Live By God’s Faith

I Live By God’s Love

I Live By God’s Sacrafice.

A)   Life wants to Lighten.

John 1:4 

Living a crucified life allows you to see things like you never did before.  His wisdom shines through the muck and mire of the world, sin and self.  there are new discoveries and revelations of old things known.  all things become new by the light given from a crucified life.

B)    Life wants to Liken.

1 John 3:1-2

We will be called the sons of God.  We are likened to Him by our crucifixion of Sin, self and the world.

C)   Life wants to Live.

Romans 6:23 

Life is eternal and you can have it.  A defeated Christian can have it right now.  An unsaved person can have it right now.  all you have to do is to accept it.



There is no greater sacrifice, than to be crucified with Christ.  Yet it brings life.


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