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Pastor Ron Coale and his wife Dee


Ron was saved in 1981 after getting out of the U.S. Navy.  His co-worker witnessed to him from the Bible and challenged Ron to read the Bible.  Upon reading the Bible, Ron’s conviction drove him to asking the Lord Jesus Christ to save him.  He has always held the King James AV 1611 Bible in Highest Authority.

Dee was also saved in 1981. She escorted a Christian girl (a new employee) into the work place.  While walking, the girl gave Dee her testimony.  This intrigued her and worked in her heart. God put the girl to work in the same place as Dee and she got to hear more about the Lord and had her questions answered.  Through this fine Christian young woman, and her testimony Dee was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ and received Him as her personal Savior.

Church attendance

Immediately upon being saved, the Coales began attending church.  At first, they were unwilling to attend church because there were “too many churches and religions in the world.  How do you know which one is right?”  But again, under the conviction of the Bible where it says that we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, the Coales began attending a Baptist church.  Because God kept answering the Coales questions through the preaching of the Word of God at this church, God confirmed His will for them to continue attendance there.  Later, when the Coales moved to Port Orchard, WA, they began attending Bible Baptist Church of Port Orchard, Wa.  Here, God further inspired the Coales to not only attend church, but to be actively involved in its ministries.

Church Involvement

Wanting to be involved in the work of the Church, the Coales began serving in various ministries such as: church cleaning, ushering, nursery, sound room, secretarial and greeting.  Later, as God began inspiring the Coales towards leading souls to Christ, they began street ministry, street preaching, preaching at nursing homes, doing neighborhood five-day clubs, street sign ministries, neighborhood visitation programs, hospital visitation and various other aggressive distribution programs of the Word of God.  As the Coales became more involved with the work of distributing the Gospel of Salvation, God began calling them to full-time work.

Call to Full-time work

As the Coales contemplated giving their lives over to full-time work, they sought God for His wisdom.  Willing to serve God with their lives, but not exactly sure how to go about doing it, the Coales left it up to God to provide a way.  Without discussing this to anyone else, they were surprised when Bible Baptist Church suddenly started Puget Sound Bible Institute.  Knowing this was a provision from the Great God, Ron enrolled for a pastoral degree.

Bible Institute

Working days and attending Bible Institute at night and weekends, Ron took a full course of credits at PSBI.  Adding to their existing church involvement, Ron became the Jr. Church pastor during the five years it would take him to complete his training at PSBI.  He graduated in 1996 with the title of Reverend Ronald Coale.  Dee also received a PHT award (Pushing Hubby Through) because of her consistent encouragement and long hours of helping Ron study to pass exams.  When the time of graduation drew near, Ron was sure that God wanted him to start a church in the nearby town of Shelton, WA.  However, God had other plans for the Coales. 

Call to Mission field

In 1996, at a mission’s conference where Brother Gil Anger was preaching, God called the Coale family to the mission field of Communist China.  God convicted them by teaching them that 75% of the world’s population lived in Asia (50% of the world’s population alone lives in the two countries of Communist China and India), and only 10% of independent Bible Believing missionaries go to these people.  Resigning their jobs and using their retirement to finance them, the Coales were working in Communist China within three months.

The Work in China

The Coales spent the first 4 years working in Hainan Island self supported.  After returning to the USA briefly to raise support from God’s churches they returned to serve God in Kunming City, Yunnan Province.  Because China is a “closed” country, they work as conversational English teachers to obtain their visas.  This afforded them the opportunity to carefully witness to the Chinese youth.  Additionally, they have established a ministry of reaching out into villages of the nearby mountains.  Through their Bible institute, they have been training others to go out and expand the work in Yunnan.  They have been successfully translating sound doctrinal material into Chinese and have been distributing and teaching this material.  During their time in China, they have started three underground churches which are still active and have led hundreds of souls to Christ.

Expansion of the work

In addition to their duties in China, Ron has assumed the responsibilities as the Assistant Director for Asia in Ends of the Earth Missions.  This responsibility includes several works in China, Mongolia, Cambodia and Thailand.  Ron is also responsible for training all missionaries going to Asia.  Additionally, Ron travels throughout the world holding meetings to promote missions and recruit missionaries.  He holds an office at the mission headquarters in Beeville, TX. 

Founding of Grace Baptist Church

Being advised from traveling as much as he has in the past, in addition to his duties with EOTEM, Ron has used his time to found the Grace Baptist Church in Shelton, WA.  God’s timing has come full circle for the Coales.

Ron has written several tracts and Bible studies.  He has preached in over 200 churches.  He has started 4 churches.