The wonderful quality of mothers

God gave mother a wonderful quality.  In the Morning Glory, January 8, 1994, Ilion Jones writes that, “On the great biographer Ida M. Tarbell’s 80th birthday, someone asked her to name the greatest persons she had ever met. She responded, ‘The greatest persons I have ever met are those nobody knows anything about.'”  She was referring to her mother.

“Once the New York Times was asked to help a group of club women decide on the twelve greatest women in the United States. After due consideration, the editors replied, ‘The twelve greatest women in the United States are women who have never been heard of outside of their own homes.'”  They were talking about someones mother.

Jones concludes, “I ask you, who was greater, Thomas A. Edison or his mother? When he was a young lad his teacher sent him home with a note which said, ‘Your child is dumb. We can’t do anything for him.’ His mother wrote back, ‘You do not understand my boy. I will teach him myself’. And she did, with results that are well known.”

Usually, the greatest people who have had the most influence in our lives are people that other people would not care about one bit.  Chief of these people is our mother.  Our mother will pour her life into us so that we can stand firm in this cruel world.  Our mother loves us like no one else can; who, no matter what we have done, continues to love us.

There is no use denying the fact that we are literally connected to our mother long before we have any other attachment with any other human being.  Our mother carries us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 9 months in her warm and comfortable tummy.  This “bond of bonds” cannot be cut, broken or torn asunder by any hurt we may give them.  Our mother is so important to us that we have wisely set aside a national day to honor her (Eph. 6:2; Exo. 20:12).

Our mother can never be replaced.  There are instances where children have to be raised by their fathers or someone else, but if they have been born into this world, they have a mother.  God arranged it that we cannot enter this life without first knowing and experiencing the love of our mother.  No matter if a child has been raised in a motherless home or not, there is still the beginning influence of this wonderful woman who carried them and bore them into this world (Gal 1:15).  But this is not the cased for the vast majority of cases.  Most of us are born and then raised too, by our mother.

Mother is the most influential person in our lives.  In most cases, she is with us more than anyone else, especially in our younger years.  Mother is our companion, as well as our protector and teacher.  At times it may seem that mom is not present, but God gave mom’s an amazing ability to use all of her senses toward us.  Every mother has had an experience where she has detected something wrong, when no other has been able to.  They dropped what they were doing and ran to our side knowing that we have just began choking on something.  In fact, their senses are so good that they can even detect when we are about to do something dangerous even BEFORE we are engaged in that certain dangerous activity.

When my mother would instruct me about “laying down the law”, she always had the uncanny ability to read my face.  She would tell me, “And wipe that look off of your face young man.  I can read your face like a book.”  Only someone who loved you very much; could be so “in tune” to you that they could “read your face like a book.”

Have you ever wondered why children have to play “under mothers feet” all the time?  It is because they feel safe there.  If they are near their mother, then they know that they are being watched over. It may be difficult for the mother as she moves around the house doing her daily chores, but it is great for the children.  When push comes to shove, I’ll bet you’ll find out that most mothers would rather know where their children are anyway.

Mothers can provide comfort unlike anything else in the world.  If I was outside playing with one of my children and they accidentally got hurt, they would look at me with contempt and go running to their MOTHER!  Dad just could not provide the same comfort as their mother could.  All it takes is some hugs from their mother, and a “kiss on the boo boo,” and everything would be all right.

Mother is crucial to our development, but moms are often overlooked or taken advantage of.  When Jesus was dying on the cross, He told John to take care of His mother (John 19:26-27).  Not that Mary was unable to take care of herself, but after Jesus died, there would be a big hole in her heart where her son used to be; a piece of her would be dying too because, after all, He literally was a piece of her.

We should appreciate all that our mothers do for us.  We should show them honor.  It is sad that at times we need to be reminded to pick up the phone and call our mother and tell her we love her.  I call my mother every week because I want her to know I care about her.~  Pastor Coale



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