What does it take to make a church?


There are several things that it takes to make a church, but they can be divided into three basic things:

  • People who want to form a church.
  • A pastor who will lead the church.
  • A place to meet.

The most important of the three are people who have a heart to make a church and a pastor.  Otherwise, what you have is not more than a large Bible Study group.  There are many “bible study” groups throught the country that are doing little for the Lord Jesus Christ.  This happens because it takes special people with extreme dedication to stay in such an arrangement, and there are not many of these type of people.  They stay for only so long, but when they are called upon to do something to help, they are looking for the exit.  This happens often because “bible study” groups are typically small and unfunded.  If you examine this situation objectively, you will find that there is a group of people who are happy to “take” anything they can get, but who resist having to do any “giving.”  Anyone who has been a Christian for some time knows that this theology run’s against the grain of Bible Believing Christianity, whose leader and founder did the ultimate in giving.  Therefore, it takes dedicated people to stay in a Bible Study group and they cannot remain in such a situation for long before they want to either: form themselves into a church or leave and find an already formed church.  If they leave, then the group dissolves rather quickly.  If they stay, then a church is born.  But to have a church, there needs to be more than an idea or commitment to make it happen.  You need a pastor.

Generally speaking a pastor puts a face upon the church.  He is a point of contact for all business related to the church.  This is in addition to the task of preaching and teaching the families who ask him to come lead them.  So, like the school teachers of the early American settlers day, he is given the authority to do so, in exchange for the families of the church supporting him financially.  In the early pioneer days, farmers had to work hard to keep sustaining their families.  They didn’t have the time or the means whereby to educate their children.  But, they knew that an education was valuable and they wanted it for their children.  So, they would come together as a community and hire a teacher to teach their children in exchange for some form of compensation.  It was like this for the communities and the pastors as well. The difference being that the pastor addressed the spiritual education and well being of not only the children, but the entire family as well.  Today’s bible believing churches are not so much different, even though times have well changed and things have become more modern in the way of doing things.  All of this to say, usually when a pastor is called, money comes into the picture.  Weekly collection of money begin to take place.  Therefore, somebody has to manage this as well, and who has time for that?  Usually this job is deligated to the pastor.

When money comes into the picture, rules need to be established in order to protect the investment of the church.  So, churches form a constitution containing laws and by-laws.  They establish all of the belief’s and boundries of the churches charter.  All of this comes about because the “bible study” group has brought a pastor now into the picture.  The Bible Study group has now become a church.  There is no doubt about it; the need for, and calling of a pastor brings the bible study group into the realm of being a church.  But, this is not where it ends.

A church also needs a place to meet.  True, a church can be a church in “name only” without any place to meet.  But, it will not last long as a church on paper.  It needs a place for the general public to come and participate in the churches activities.  Yes, in the Bible you read of “house churches,” but you have to realize that was a different time and place.  They were meeting secretly for fear of the Jews and worshippers of other god’s.  When I lived in China, our church was a “secret church.”  We met in parks, the woods, the jungle, by the seaside, and in several different houses as well.  Seldom did we get the entire church together at one time. On a typical day, I would first go to one house and preach to several there.  Then I would go to another house, and so forth until I met with the entire church.  This way, everyone was able to be ministered to.  It took a lot of work on my part, but was necessary for the safety of the brethren.

It is not that way in the USA.  We can still meed openly without fear of reprisal.  So, when you read in the Bible about house churches, you would do well to remember the situation the church was in during that time.  Churches need a place to meet.  If they do not have one, then it becomes difficult to hold the church together, and even grow the church as well.  People need to know the church is there.

Still, through all of this, there is always the need for dedicated people who are willing to go through the pain necessary to “birth” a new church.  It is not the typical church experience as one would have if they went to an “already established” church.  They have to work harder, be nicer, give more, evangelize much, and above all: PRAY.

We are fortunate here at GraceBaptistChurch.  We have a dedicated group of Christians who are willing to shoulder the burden to carry the church through the entire delivery process.  One day, we will see the fruits of our labor realized.  Right now, we have the people; we have the pastor; we have a place to meet, but we do not have our own place where we can invoke typical church activities to help families grow in the Lord.  We are ever so thankful for the Grange, but we only rent the hall for Sunday’s.  We have no other place to conduct business for any other day of the week.  It is difficult to find Grace Baptist, and then, when people do drive up, they think, “is this the church?” The Grange does not look like a church on the outside.

We need to pray for our own place. We need to ask God to provide for us a place to “anchor” GraceBaptistChurch.  Not only that, we need to give to the building fund.  Surely, people of the church could give ONE DOLLAR over and above their usual tithe for the future of the church.  If everyone just gave ONE DOLLAR a week, that would only be FOUR Dollars a month.  That can’t be too hard on anyone’s pocket book.  Friends, if you added all of that up, together it would be a significant figure.  God’s answer to our prayer for help may be, “I already helped you.  I gave the people the funds necessary.  If they don’t put it in the building fund, then it’s not my fault.”  If the church is going to be worth something to us; if it is going to have value, then we need to invest in it.  One day, we too can have our own building.

 Pastor Coale


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  1. I think that people don’t give just a little more is because they just don’t value the church.

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