How I began winning souls

It was a hot morning in July when I was asked to attend a Child Evangelism Fellowship camp.  I must admit, I was not too keen on the idea of having to go there, mostly because I would be surrounded by people whom I did not know.  I was even more set against going when I realized it would be in a den of charismatic teaching, so I would have to walk lightly. The teenagers were delightful though.  That seems to make the aversions fade some.

Dee and I were assigned two teenagers to work with.  They were very knowledgeable in the Bible, but had trouble with being embarrassed giving out the gospel.  They relied on me to teach them and at that time in my Christian life, I had very little experience myself.  When they would undergo the training, I too would pay close attention.  We learned to tell a story while using flashcards.  Dee was the best at it and I was the worst.  I have a difficult time with memorizing anything and we needed to memorize the story.

Then came the time to go out and use what we had learned.  A wonderful lady had signed up to host a five day club in her home.  She had invited about 12 children from her neighborhood to come to the club.  We had games and snacks and then told them the first story from the flashcards we had.  All of the kids were so mesmerized by the story.  They were taking it in like a tall cup of water on a drought cursed land.  I was not too amazed when a couple of them got saved that first day and there were four more to follow.  Eventually all twelve of them got saved.  The story doesn’t end here.

The effect this five day club had on me was profound.  I was so excited to see that it was not that difficult to lead someone to the Lord.  These teenagers did it just by using these flashcards.  I decided that I could do the same.  I tried it one afternoon back home.  I went out to the park where I saw a group of kids playing in the playground.  I walked up to them and asked if anyone wanted to hear a story.  Not all at first, but most of them came to hear about God.  Using the same flashcards those teenagers used, I was able to lead seven people to the Lord that very day.  I admit I was excited.  I had never felt this way before.  It was very satisfying.  Next weekend, I went to an apartment complex where there were always kids playing outside.  I did the same thing, “Would any of you kids like to hear a story?”  Almost all did.  Some even went and got their mothers who came out and listened as well.  Right there in the playground, I led several others to the Lord.  Like a bear who got his first taste of flesh, I wanted more.  This is how I began winning souls to the Lord.  It seems so very long ago, yet it is still a near memory which always puts a smile on my fact.

I thank the Lord for teaching me to lead souls to Christ.  I learned how to do it.  It is not a natural attribute; it is a skill that can be learned.  Once learning how to do it, you want to do it more.  It is like going fishing and catching your first fish.  All of the hours sitting quietly in the boat seem to be worth it just to catch another.

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  1. Praise God Pastor for the way that He has used Dee and yourself to lead others to Christ our Lord. Basking in the “Glory” of the Holy Spirit was a feeling that was totally foreign to me a few years ago. Then my Pastor lead by the Holy Spirit taught me how to lead someone to our Lord as their personal Saviour, and I was caught. I wanted to lead more, and more lost souls to Jesus ! What a privilege. Thank you God for having my Pastor teach me !!! Now this is the goal of my life for Him !!!

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