Religious Freedom Perverted

Religious freedom is not what it once was.  Things have turned upside down in the world today.  In Oklahoma, the Satanist are constructing a statue of Satan to be displayed in the capital rotunda because they claim religious freedom.  This is their response to Oklahoma allowing the Ten Commandments to be displayed there a year ago.  Some may see this as a victory for religious freedom, but it is not.  There is a point where “freedom” crosses a line and becomes a state of chaos, even if it is religious freedom.  If “religious freedom” is united under one religion, then there can be true freedom, but if it is divided unto multiple religions, then the product will be chaos.  This is what we have in the world today.

From where do these multiple causes come?  They come from a multitude of people each demanding their own rights for religious freedom in a confrontational way.  There is no peaceful acceptance of others.  It becomes a competition to see who can be the most right (free).  As the competition progresses, each group tramples on the freedoms of others because that is the nature of the competition.  There can be no true religious freedom as long as religions differ.  This is why the anti-Christ will unite everyone under a “one world religion.”

Christians however, understand they have no rights and therefore claim no religious freedom.  They understand that, because of sin, they deserve to endure the calamities of hell for eternity.  This is why they are so grateful for the mercy they receive at the hands of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, true believers are seldom involved in the zeal of the competitive battle.  Each moment of life to a Bible Believer is one more opportunity to serve their King; to show Him how much they appreciate Him.  As the world fights for dominance, Christians enjoy being dominated by King Jesus because they know that He loves them.  How would it be in the world today if the leaders of countries actually and truly loved those whom they govern?  I guess it is not worth contemplating, because this will never happen.  They say they love the people; are for the people, but they are not.  Nary has one of them ever died for the people like Jesus has.  Nor have they ever taken upon themselves all of the sins of their people.

So the Satanist build their statue and claim religious freedom.  Likewise, the Atheist display their blasphemous alternative to God’s Ten Commandments.  The Muslims build their Mosques.  But Jesus builds His temple right inside the deep recesses of the heart of man.  In the heart of man is where true religious freedom resides.  About this world He says, “My kingdom is not of this world…” (John 18:36).



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