The Love of Many Waxing Cold

Timeless TruthsMatthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

 Why is it that the Love of many will become cold?  Because iniquity abounds!  Our present society has turned to sinful things like no other society in the history of man.  Our mass communication system ensures that sin is now a world-wide venture in just a very few moments.  The effect of such a bombardment of sin is that it dulls man’s ability to love.

God created us with the ability to love.  Sin subtly hinders that ability.  It is so subtle that we think we know how to love when in fact we don’t.  The measure of true love is to be compared to God’s standard and not to what we think.  When exploring God’s standard on love, we can see that He is the standard.  None of us love like God expects us to love.  He expects us to love the way that He loves.  All of us fall way short of that amazing love.

How do we keep our love from waxing cold?  How do we love like God expects?  We keep clinging to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Keep cling to His Word.  Surround ourselves with people who are doing the same.  We place ourselves in an environment where we are surrounded by God.


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