Understanding the Effect of Loving Money

It is too bad that there has to be so much emphasis today on MONEY!  We all know that the Word of God tells us that “…the LOVE of money is the root of all evil” (1 Tim. 6:10).  Of course, no real Christian relishes being immersed in evil, but we must all deal with this potential “time bomb” of spiritual destruction in the world in which we live today.  It is almost as if it is one of those “necessary evils” to which we are bound, and can never shake loose from.  WE NEED MONEY!

Families need money to live.  We need “bucks” to pay for a place to live, put food on the table and clothes on our backs.  These are the very basic’s of life.  Everything else beyond this can be a luxury when considering the principle of “needs vs. wants.”  Without the things that we need, we would be in a very bad way indeed.  It is no wonder money becomes so valuable that we have a tendency to hoard it for the time when we may need it in the future.  Of course, saving for specific needs is not bad, but we can get dangerously close to crossing over the line and LOVE our money.  This is where we become contributor to the evil world system.  Until that point, we are living under the evil effects of “love of money” that others may have; we are not actually contributors to that evil.

How does one know when they actually love their money vs. exercising good stewardship with the wealth that God has given them?  It all lies in your reaction to money when you lose it.  If you are devastated by the loss of it on a personal level, then most likely you are in love with it.  However, if you are disappointed, but not smitten to the heart, (in other words: your joy for the Lord is affected), then you are not in love with it.  You are just disappointed in your stewardship of it.  But, this test is not always an indicator of love for money or not, but it is a good place to start.

God has put some very good and sure fire ways to keep from falling in love with this necessary evil, which we use every day. GIVE!  Luke 6:38 tells us that we should “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.”  If we have a heart to give, then we can step around ever falling in love with money.  Man does not give away that which he is truly in love with.  For example:  I would never give to you my wife.  I love her.  She is very dear to my heart.  I would never give to you my children, grand children, siblings or parents.  I love them very much.  However, I can give to you something that I hold highly valuable to me, but I am not in love with it.  I value it, I do not love it.  I can live without money, but I cannot live without my wife.

Money needs to be this way for us in our life.  To keep from loving it, we need to give; not just once, but continually.  In other words, we need to develop a giving heart.  It is not coincidental that when we give, it is an expression of love towards others, but when we keep to ourselves, it is an expression of love of self.

God is not timid about providing an example in giving.  He gave everything He had to redeem man from loving self.  He showed the depths of His love in giving.  Surely we too can give, and it doesn’t always have to be money.  We can give of our time, talents, as well as our treasure.  These are the three basic areas of our life which we have stewardship over where we can get tripped up.  If we give of these areas of our life, then we are developing a giving and loving heart.  Of course, as you examine them, the easiest and most likely to give from is our money.  That simple little coin or ink covered piece of paper represents effort; effort that we exerted in which we were compensated for.

God wants us to keep from loving money because it will often times cause us to err “from the faith.”  The primary effect of this evil for the Child of God is a falling away from God.  When we cease from giving, and the love of money becomes rooted in us, we will certainly begin a downward spiral away from God.  We know that God is the greatest giver of all, and if we are to be in fellowship with Him, we will be associated with the giving God.  The sacrifices and offerings that we give to His cause is only a miniscule contribution to what He gives to them every day.  And here is the reason why many people lose direction and faith in God:  They have lost their desire to identify with Him in this area of their life.  They may have lost it for a good reason or it may be a fabricated excuse, but they have lost it.  It is logical and reasonable to conclude this since God told us this can happen and there are many Biblical examples from which we may take note.  Some of the most famous are Ananias and Sapphira; Judas; and Demas, but there are many contemporary examples that each of us have certainly known.  So, one sure fire way to keep from falling away from God is:

  1. Don’t fall in love with money.
  2. Develop and keep a giving heart.

Falling away from God is always subtle and slow.  It doesn’t happen overnight, although one specific event could be the root cause to our beginning this downward trip.  The Devil engineers it to be slow and subtle because he wants it to take hold in our life.  If it was sudden, it would be too noticeable.  We gradually plant, replant and transplant our produce so that it can grow steadily without a growth stunting shock.  If we waited until it was too big, the roots would be all torn up when we transplanted it and it would either die or not recover in time enough to bear fruit for the season.  Likewise is our giving in to the love of money.  It happens slowly so we are not shocked by its effect on us.  If we realized it was happening, we would discontinue following its sorrow piercing path.

No Christian wants to fall away from the Lord.  No Christian wants to be pierced through with many sorrows.  That is why I am writing this article: to give some insight to the process in which these are the results.  If we can understand the mechanics of how this happens, then we can be aware of the signs our life projects; we can deal with it before it is too late.  It could suffice to just say, “Give so you don’t fall in the condemnation of the Devil.” But there is really much to be said about that one bold statement.  I strongly feel if people can understand the process, then they can be better equipped to deal with the product.  So, I hope this message gives you a little insight to help you keep a strong and vibrant relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


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