No peace outside of Jesus

Micah 3:5 Thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that make my people err, that bite with their teeth, and cry, Peace; and he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him.

There are false prophets that actually cause people to err from the truth.  They are a stumbling block to people, causing them to follow lies.  God identifies these prophets as those who declare “peace” but He never gave them that message to give.  They are the enemies of God.  Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace on the earth, but a sword (Matt. 10:34).  On the other hand, on the night He was born, the angels in heaven declared Peace on earth, good will toward men (Luke 2:14).

There is only peace in Jesus Christ.  There is no peace in anything outside of Him.  If you are in Jesus Christ, even though there is turmoil and destruction all around you, you will be at peace because you know where you are going.  However, if you are outside of Jesus Christ, you will never experience peace.  You will have to bear the brunt of turmoil and destruction and there is no amount of humanistic help that can soothe you.

BEWARE of those who proclaim PEACE who are not offering Jesus Christ as that peace!

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