God’s Choice

All too often I am amazed at the so called “Christian Community” for their lack of understanding God.  In fact, it has been perplexing.  When I think of what God did in my life; how He saved me from the grip of death, cleansed me and set me in a noble place with Him, I feel like I owe Him my life.  I am sure that others feel the same, but their sacrifice to Him seems to be so misguided. 

When it came birthday time or Christmas, a time when I would be receiving gifts, I hoped I would get something I liked.  In fact, I went a little beyond hoping and dropped hints to Mom and Dad in order to give them good ideas.  I always loved it when they asked me, “What do you want for your birthday?” or “What do you want for Christmas?”  Sometimes I got it, and sometimes I didn’t.   But, I can tell you, when I got the thing that I wanted–the thing I asked for–I was happier than when I got something I didn’t ask for.  Now that I am older and can look back on that, I wonder why that is?  I think the answer lies in my present relationship with God.  You see, as a born again child of God, I know that He has asked me for certain things–there are certain things that He would like from me.  When He gets them, He is much happier than when He gets something He didn’t ask for.  God greatest request of me; The thing that is on the top of His list of things He would like, is that I love Him more than anything else and that I love others as I love myself (Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27).

So, how do I accomplish this one request which contains two aspects?  He told me how I could do that.  He told me that I should win souls.  This one activity encompasses loving God (Doing what He told me to do.) and loving others (showing them the way of life).  It is by no accident that I use the phrase “showing them the way of life” because if I used the phrase “preaching the gospel” people might get confused.  The phrase “preaching the gospel” has become so diluted that no one can really interpret it anymore.  This is where my perplexity begins.

The gospel that we are to preach; the gospel that pleases God; the one that is at the top of His “wish list,” is the one that results in another soul being saved.  If you have any merit as a Christian at all, then you know what I am speaking is true.  You know it because you were once unsaved and someone told you how to accept Christ as the atonement for your sins.  You know it!  You might have been saved for so long that you have forgotten it; or, you might have backslid from it, but you know it.  You know it because the Holy Spirit is in you and He is constantly urging you to tell someone about God’s substitute for their sins.  You know it!  You are either ignoring it or you are evading it, but you know it!

Some people think that “preaching the gospel” is:

  • Having a nice social where they all get together and have tea and cookies and bring a guest.
  • Sell Amway or other self-marketing items
  • Help people with their chores (i.e. wash their car; cut their grass; do their shopping; etc….).
  • Joining ecumenical “Christian” activities.
  • Letting their kids go to church while they stay home.
  • Singing in the choir.
  • Talking with the preacher.
  • Reading their Bible.
  • Praying.
  • Supporting para-church groups.
  • Helping others in their churches.
  • Being friendly to people of other churches.
  • Not offending anyone.
  • Living a good life.
  • Supporting the Red Cross.
  • Feeding the poor.

The list is practically endless.  If you think about it, many of these things are really good things to do.  In fact most of them are good things to do.  But, the gospel is not good things–It is good news of a certain kind.  It is the good news that Christ came and died and shed His blood so that you can be free from your punishment if you so choose to accept THAT THING HE DID FOR YOU!

There is another grossly misused phrase amongst the so called “Christian community”.  It is the phrase “accepted Christ” or “accepted Jesus.”  To be saved, a person does not need to accept Christ or Jesus as much as they need to accept what He did for them, and that He alone could do it because HE IS GOD!  To be saved, you must accept what He did, and who He is.  It is a little incomplete to ask someone, “Have you accepted Jesus?”  You must accept who He is, what He did and how He did it.

So, we have an army of so called “Christians” who have taken salvation freely, but after that, they could care less for the rest of the world.  They are saved.  They are living out their Christian life, getting along with others, being good church members, helping the elderly, etc… but they are not giving to God what He asked for.  At the top of His wish list is: souls to be saved.  That is what He wants.  But what He gets is a bunch of “good stuff”, but it is not what He asked for.  Just like I would feel a little rejected by getting clothes, a new lunch pail, shoes, toothpaste, or patches for my old jeans, the Lord God gets from us–GOOD WORKS, and feels a little unloved.

Can you imagine how God would feel if you brought to Him some souls that you worked hard to get saved.  Have you ever opened the gift and said, “WOW!  Just what I asked for!  Thank you so much!”?  Wouldn’t that be great if God could say the same thing over your life?  Or, do we keep giving to Him a bunch of good junk?  He wants us to love Him and love others.  How does Christian involvement in ecumenical groups do that?  Think about it!  You know!  You know what He wants First!  You know because He told you.  If you are not on track with that, then you are either ignoring Him or you don’t care.

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