Why People Go To Church

Why do people go to church?  There are many reasons and in this article I would like to explore a few.  For some people church has always been a part of their life; for others it is a new experience.  Either way, it doesn’t matter. At some point in their life, people begin making their own decision about going to church.

Recently I saw a character on TV who wanted his grandson to be baptized so he would go to heaven.  Obviously, he didn’t understand the Bible and that baptism doesn’t save a person.  But, he still had a respect for the church.  He called it God’s house.  Even the most adamant atheist still recognizes that church is related to God, and when they come to a point in their life that they seek spiritual help (and everyone does), they will seek it by coming to a church.

People go to church to feel good about themselves.  At some point in their life, people begin to feel the effects of sin.  They begin to feel dirty and seek redemption of some kind.  So, they go to church seeking forgiveness for their sins.  The sad thing is that when they feel comfortable in knowing that forgiveness has been provided, they have no need for church anymore.  They fall away like the vapor of wind, never to come back unless they have the same need.

People go to church because they have always gone to church.  It is habitual.  They have always gone to church and cannot really give an answer for why they go.  Oh, they can give the pat answer; the answer that they know is expected of them, but they cannot honestly tell why they go from deep down inside their soul.

People go to church for social connection.  They seek relationships with people who are like minded to them and they don’t get that in the world with all of it’s worldliness.  Sadly, they have little use for the church other than the pleasure of fellowship with their friends who attend.  During the preaching or teaching they are bored to death, but during the singing or performing, they are enthusiast.  They are “put out” by the time that the preaching or teaching takes out of their time to fellowship, and you often never see them attend Sunday School or other such learning events.

People go to church because they want to learn something about God.  Altogether this is not a bad reason for going to church.  One of the reasons that God provided the church to us is to equip the saints.  This involves learning about the Bible and learning about God.  There is no other designed method of God to learn about Him and His book except the church.  God did not provide colleges, TV or radio programs, para-church organizations to teach about Him.  He gave us the church!

People go to church because God commanded us to not forsake going to it.  They honor God and try their best to do what He said they should do.  They do this because they are driven by a love for Him.  They trust in the fact that: He knows what is best for them, and since He told them to do it, then they are going to do it.  They often reason that God must have His reasons for saying it in the Bible so, understand it or not, they go.  Soon their often attendance begins to take root in their life and they begin to grow as a child of God.

I have often wondered why people don’t go to church.  I think, “If they could just go long enough, then they would get what God is trying to do in their life.”  God wants to develop Christians.  That is difficult for the Him to do when His children are bombarded constantly by the world’s message and they are only getting one hour a week of input from Him.  The many hours indoctrination of the world overshadows and chokes out almost everything that a person can get in just one hour a week of going to church.  For this very reason, I put serious articles in the church bulletin so God’s people have something they can take with them to receive some spiritual refreshment and learning.  I hope that you have found them useful.  More than that, I trust that you will, no matter what, trust what God says to you about not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together, and come to church.  It would be good for you and your family.  You see, God wants to establish a relationship with you and that is difficult to do when you only spend one hour a week with Him.


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