God is not a god of Gimmicks

Motives for “getting people in.”

Ron Coale, Rev.

Ron Coale, Rev.

The modern, progressive church has failed on many fronts because they have failed to think of GOD.  While they are busy changing to keep up with the times, God still remains the same.  When the church changes their approach on worship they’re doing so to accommodate themselves not God.  There are actually thinking about themselves.  This is wrong!  Since He is the creator, and man is the created, it is up to man to conform to His image, not the other way around.

God is not a god of the gimmicks.  He does not need to appeal to the flesh in order to try to get some people to like Him.  Man needs to satisfy the flesh, but God does not.  God’s plan for the flesh is to burn it up when He burns the entire world (2 Peter 3).  He loathes the flesh of unrighteousness and will give new bodies to all of His saints.

When the church continually tries new things just to “get people in,” you have to question their motives: Do they want to actually reach more people for Christ?  Or do they want to build their congregations so they can be thought of as “successful” according to the world’s standards?

The only thing that God needs for people to fall in love with Him is His word: the Bible.  The flesh doesn’t want to read it, and no wonder why; guess who else would not want you to read it?

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  1. Amen Pastor !!!
    Great article. Are we to concerned with the size of our congregation ? Or are we going out and witnessing to others so that we plant the seed, or lead them to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour (1 Cor.15).

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