The Relationship with Christ

relationship with christLuke 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

The relationship with Christ is the most important relationship any person can enter into.  It is more important than the one that you can have with your spouse or your children.  It is more important than the one you can have with your parents or grand-parents (Luke 14:26).  Lets face it, who can be more important than God?

There are scores upon scores of “Christians” who do not believe this.  Most of these instances can be attributed to their ignorance of the person of God.  Most people get  saved because they want to escape hell.  When confronted with the reality of their sin, and their destination, they quickly want to do something about it.  When they learn that all they have to do is accept a “free gift”, they quickly scoop it up, being ignorant of everything else.  As long as they get saved, that is enough.  What they don’t realize, what they are not taught, is they have begun a wonderful journey in their relationship with God: they are now a “son of God” (John 1:12). But, you never see them studying their Bible, learning from some other grounded Christian or growing in the Lord.  Not only does Satan like to get them side-lined, but Christians never follow up on them to wisely guide them around the many pitfalls of life that are awaiting them.  And, there are many like this.

It is sad to think that there are many “sons of God” wandering around lost in their relationship with Him.  If they could just get some direction, then God could do something in their life that would profit them.  Some even think they are growing when they are not.  The Devil might have them growing in the social activities of the community or even the church, but not in their relationship with the Lord.  This is why it burdens my heart to see people so “off” and “on” about church attendance or Group Bible Study.  I know that if they could just keep coming long enough, or often enough, then they will begin to see the secrets of the universe revealed within the pages of God’s Word.  They will develop a curiosity for the things of God; a hunger and thirst for the WORD.  This too, I have seen many times and it has not been without a perplexing of the mind.

In foreign countries (I have visited 16 of them) people seem to have more of a hunger for God’s Word.  This seems to be more prevalent in communist countries.  It is a pleasure to see them grow in the Lord.  It doesn’t take long before the answers of life begin to reveal themself.  Then they become most curious.  They want to know more and more.  Things begin to connect.  They are able to answer their own questions from the Bible, because they have a foundation built into their life that cannot be broken up.

It doesn’t seem to be this way in the USA though.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it is a familiarity with what people THINK Christianity is supposed to be all about.  I am guessing that is where the answer lies.  There is no way to change this except getting people into their Bibles and hoping they stay in it long enough to get hooked.  If they do, they will learn what the Bible says instead of what man says.

The Bible teaches that we have a relationship with God.  He is our Father and we are His children.  We belong to a family of believers, and it is difficult for any family when there are prodigals in it.  It tears at the heart of a family when one member turns away from God.

What can we do to prevent this?  We must emphasis we are all a part of a family, even before someone gets saved, else I fear that we have just put another name in our Bibles; chalked another one up for our self; another notch in our cane.  Winning souls is not a competition.  It is just as important to disciple someone than it is to lead them to the Lord.  God does not hand out winning lottery tickets to the one who leads the most people to Christ.  We are showing people the right way of life.  What good may a salvation be that does not change a persons life?  We are commanded to “teach them ALL THINGS whatsoever I command you.” (Matt. 28:29).  One may argue, “Well, at least they are saved.”  This may not be good enough to really help a person develop for Christ.

How many families have a baby and put the baby in the crib and never check on them again?  I don’t know of even one family that has done such a thing like that.  It would certainly be cruel or abusive. What chance does that baby have of growing up to be a strong man or woman?  How would they even survive a few days in such a predicament?  NO!  We take care of babies.  We feed them and teach them for many years until they are able to stand on their own, and this they do gradually.

New born “sons of God” are in this same situation.  They need nourishment.  They need instruction.  They need to develop their muscles and learn to walk on their own.  I feel that we often don’t see it this way because they look like a mature human being, and this is true, but they are a new born babe in Christ.

How do we teach them?  How do we nurture them if we are not confident in ourselves to teach them the things of the Lord?  The answer is to bring them to church.  This way they can be in an environment centered on learning about God.  Encourage them to be at church; taking advantage of every opportunity to learn.  It is vital to their growth.

You can’t give a baby a book and say, “Here you are.  Grow up.”  They need to be in an environment where they can see how to apply the things they learn out of the Book.  They need to have fellowship with others in the church to stretch them and strengthen them.  Just like you want your growing child to have supervised association with others for their growth’s sake, new born babes in Christ need the same thing.  This is why they need to “rub elbows with” others in the church.

Another very important item is for them to be faithful in learning about the Lord, you must be as well.  They will take the things they learn, then look at your life to see how to apply them to their life.  SO, you must be a good example.

Yes! Souls need to be saved.  But they need to be made aware of their family ties.  They need to be introduced to the family so the family can take care of its own.  The Lord has placed them into a wonderful part of the body of Christ.  Their great adventure awaits them.  We must hold them and hug them.


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