Pansy Christians

One of the reason that we have so many pansy Christians is because people neglect the terror of the Lord.  Pansy Christians are those who are too afraid to witness for Him.  They are the cowards who give up at the first sign of difficulty and run for cover.  In a practical sense, they can always be identified as “church shoppers.”  They look for what they want instead of what God wants.  God wants us to remember sin.  He wants us to always have it on our mind because it is the thought of sin that brings us to God in humility; ready to accept His way, and give up the reigns of our life to Him.

 2 Corinthians 5:11 says, “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences.”  It is interesting that Paul said, “knowing.”  What is it that Paul knew.  Well, many things I am sure, but here he is focusing on the TERROR OF THE LORD!  The knowledge of that is what drove Paul to witness for God.  It is that unabated terrifying side of God that caused Paul to get out of his “comfort shell” and be made “manifest” to the world as a real Christian (one who would die for the Lord Jesus Christ).  He was afraid of what God could do, (and would do), when He was addressing man’s sin.  Where are the Christians like that today?  Are they waving their hands back and forth in a “gathering” of tee-totaling” academics?  Are they standing firm?  NO!  They are too busy “feeling” God instead of “knowing” God.  They have conveniently forgot that they will one day have to give account of their Christian life to God (Rom. 14:12).  They are too busy having a “great life” while all the time they are surrounded by people who are dying and going to hell.  That is no laughing matter my friend.  Not at all!

 Acts of compassion should be motivated by the terror of the Lord.  Knowing what He can and will do if we are not obedient to Him.

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  1. Excellent article Pastor Coale. Makes me wonder what people are thinking ??? We just got to keep planting the seed.

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