Attitude makes the difference.  You CAN memorize.  You have memorized names, dates, addresses and phone numbers.  In learning verses you have the help of the Holy Spirit to “guide you into all truth.”  You “can do all things through Christ, which strengthens you” (Phil 4:13).  He will empower you to learn as you ask Him

Now begin in this manner.  After a verse is selected, read it in the Bible in context.  Reading the chapter around the verse is best.  It helps you understand the verse meaning.  Read the verse thoughtfully several times aloud.  Then begin learning the verse in this order:  say the topic, then the verse reference, then the first phrase of the verse.  Stop at the first punctuation mark if you like; repeat the verse reference again.  Then start over; topic, reference, phrase, reference.  ALWAYS beginning at the first, then adding a few more words, ending with the reference; “bit by bit” until you have the whole verse learned.

REVIEW it during the day; use spare moments.  Say it at meals, when traveling, before you sleep; ask someone to check you. Visualize yourself in the verse.  Repeat it daily with reference for 60 days.  Use it in the ministry, or review weekly thereafter.

Pray the verse back to God.  Then meditate on each verse you learn.  Ask God for an experience with the verse in your life.  Each verse contains something for you to know, stop doing, begin doing or share with others.  The ultimate purpose through the verse is to identify with Christ in His will, know Him better and multiply His glory.

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