Everyone knows that this great country of which we live won it’s war for independence from England.  Independence is the nature of the USA.  If a country had blood coursing through it’s veins, then ours would run hot with independence.  In many of the countries of Asia or Europe, when asked of it’s people, “In one word, how would you describe Americans?”, they would say, “Independent!  Americans are very independent.”  We pride ourselves on our independence.  We know nothing else than to think that independence is something that everyone should enjoy, so much so, that we send our youth to rally it’s cause on their behalf.

It is a wonderful thing to be independent because it speaks of freedom, but it is not good to be independent from everything.  There are two things from which we can never be independent:  God and people!  As much as a person might want to think they are independent from these two, they can never be.  We are all created beings of the true and only God, and we are all conceived from, birthed, and raised by people.

The is a fine line between being independent and being rebellious.  To be independent is to be free from an unrighteous cause, whereas to be rebellious is to be free from something that is good.  When you are in an overbearing situation from which you are not morally or legally bound; to through off that overbearing situation and seek another more righteous is when you are gaining independence.  But, rebellion is when you are already in a righteous situation and you pridefully and arbitrarily  decide you are going to be independent from that situation, then you are rebellious.  Think of it this way: to be independent is to rebel; to rebel from something good, or to rebel from something bad.  You are rebellious when you rebel from something good, but independent when rebelling from something bad.  AND, it depends on if you are the rebel or the rebelled from on how you will look at it.

There is no one more righteous and just than God.  He is so righteous that He is called–HOLY.  Any move for independence from Him is not only a rebellious act, but originates from a rebellious spirit as well.  Because of His holiness, and our being created in His image, it is pure rebellion to desire to live independent of Him.  As far as God is concerned, the whole world is full of rebellious people (“Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.” Isa. 1:2).  Any person living independent of God has become a god to himself, because he rejects God’s position of authority over him.  This is the sad state of the world that we see around us today.  Man submits himself to things, this is true, but he will not submit to God.  This is rebellion.

The anointed Cherub–Lucifer–was lifted up in pride and eventually rebelled from God (Eze. 28:14-16).  So, rebellion begins with pride–pride in thinking that you are better than others; pride in thinking you can do better if you could do it your own way.  This is how Satan deceives people into rebelling from the righteous and holy God.  He begins by whispering little hints of prideful things into the conscience of man.  Soon, man begins to see himself as being smarter and better than God.  From there, rebellion takes its course.  Rebellion in turn leads to independence of God.  God’s created being, made in His very own image, is independent from Him and refuses to submit to what is right.  All because Satan has worked to make man think prideful things.  Anytime we realize we are thinking prideful things, we should take note that we are on the path of rebellion from God.

Of course, total rebellion from God does not happen all at once.  It happens in increments until we are overcome with a rebellious spirit.  Satan’s legions work on one thing at a time.  The most common are an independence from Bible reading, church attendance, prayer, tithing, etc.  Each of these is a chink in the armor of submission to God.  We may think that we don’t need these things, but we do.  We may think that we can do without one of these things “just this once”, but once leads to another.  Soon, we are overcome and then the Devil concentrates on the next.  It is all influenced by pride, which leads to rebellion, which leads to independence.  Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, tithing and witnessing are all pillars which hold up our Christian life.  When one crumbles, the others are soon to follow.  You can tell if you are subject to these if you ever find yourself saying, “I used to read my Bible, pray, tithe, etc.”  Or, “I remember when I…”  Or, “I need to get back to …”.  These are all signs of living a life of independence from God; the process has taken place and snuck up on you: Pride–Rebellion–Independence!

On this Independence day, as we celebrate our independence from a wicked heavy handed rule, which led to the establishment of this great country, let us reflect on this one thought:  “Am I living independent from God?  Am I a rebel from righteousness?”

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