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CCS2The Chinese Character Story is an amazing story of how God embedded the gospel and the story of Creation right inside the Chinese language. The Chinese communist do not believe in God, but the language that they use daily, holds the story of God. This booklet by Pastor Coale clearly shows how God could do such a thing as to turn Satan’s work around on himself.



Have you ever thought, “What other gospel addresses this same event?” The Parallel Gospels not only aligns the gospels in parallel with each other, It also organizes them in chronological order. Pastor Coale wrote this book to help him in his own study and he is sure It will be a great help to you as well.  This book is a great help in studying the life of the Lord Jesus Christ and will be referred to over and over.






Gifts and Tongues: The Charismatic Catastrophe will help all seekers of truth to know the mind of God concerning speaking in “tongues” and spiritual misuse of “gifts.” It is for this purpose that Pastor Coale brings this work to us. All too often, Christians are approached by super-Charismatics who prey upon them. They seek converts among innocent Christians trying to learn about God. When new Christians are told they are not really saved until they speak in tongues, they become rightfully concerned. Since they want to please their new Lord, they naturally want to speak in tongues, but something holds them back; something tells them things are not right, but they can’t put their finger on it. This booklet is written for those Christian brothers and sisters. If they follow where this booklet leads them in God’s word, they will clearly understand God’s teaching on this subject.

Chinese Character Story

Ron Coale

Pastor Coale has been in active ministry since 1996. He has worked in China, Thailand, Cambodia and all over the USA.

The Chinese Character Story booklet that I had written long ago is now available in digital form on  This book has inspired readers throughout the world, both in it’s English and Chinese format.  It has been used to show that the ancient Chinese forefathers knew emphatically the story of creation, even though China denies creation today.  It is an amazing story showing how God embedded the story of creation in the written Chinese language that is still widely used today.

It is in inspiration to see how God works on those who proclaim to be His enemy, using their efforts to deny God, to actually prove God’s existence, all without their knowledge they are being used by Him.

It is a truly good tool to use with the atheist who points to the far eastern religions of China.  Once they see that the Chinese ancestors clearly believed in God, they are perplexed about answering how that could be.

This book will open your mind to the “relationship” approach to living that the Shemite people thrive in.  I truly hope it will be a blessing to you.

The Chinese translation of this booklet can be obtained here for anyone who has a Chinese friend. This booklet has opened the door to lead many Chinese people to the Lord. Sincerely, Ron Coale

The Parallel Gospels of Christ

Ron Coale

Rev. Ron Coale, Pastor

The Parallel Gospels gives a four sided view of the Lord Jesus Christ’s life. Each view is revealed in the writings of the four different gospel authors. Each contains subtle nuances when recording the same accounts.

  • Matthew sees Jesus as the King.
  • Mark sees Jesus as the servant.
  • Luke sees Jesus as a man.
  • John sees Jesus as God.

Anything can be better understood when looked at it from different perspectives. So can the life of Jesus Christ. God knows this.  That is why He commissioned four different accounts of Jesus’ life.

In addition showing the accounts in parallel, all gospels are arranged in chronological order as well.

I assembled a book years ago showing the gospels in parallel as well as chronological order.  I called it The Parallel Gospels.  It has been a great study tool for me. I refer to it whenever I need to see what the other gospels writers said about a subject. It helps me to get a more rounded view of what really happened.

Because I have all too often been asked, “Where can I get a copy of this book?”, I have finally published it on Kindle.  You can now purchase it there.

As it is for me, I am sure The Parallel Gospels will be a valuable tool for you in your study of the Life of Jesus Christ.  I hope that it gives you many years of help in your study.  I know it will be a blessing to you.

Other works that you may be interested in are: The Chinese Character Story (English Version), The Chinese Character Story (Chinese Version) and Gifts and Tongues-The Charismatic Catastrophe.