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Bible Comparison

Bible ComparisonIn today’s world, when a person turns to God’s word, it is important that they find it.  The Devil is a master deceiver.  He can make you feel as though you are absolutely at peace being wrong.  He can’t change dirt into ice cream, but he can make you think you are eating the most delicious ice cream when all the time you are eating dirt.  Likewise, he can do the same with the Bible.  He can make you think, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you have the right words of God when all the time you have a counterfeit.  Martin Luther discovered this a long time ago and he was eventually killed for speaking out about it.

Psalm 12:6-7 says, “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.  Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.”

I trust as you look on the Bible Comparison charts included, that you will get some semblance of the deception that Satan has put in place as a policy to cause God’s people to become weak and anemic.  I hope these will open your eyes.

Why the King James Bible Teaching

king james bibleIt doesn’t matter to us which Bible you use, but we teach King James Bible doctrine.  There is a big difference between the King James Bible teachings and the teachings of other bibles.  The Psalmist says: “Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever” (Ps. 119:160).  In Jeremiah 23:36, the Bible says, “For ye have perverted the words of the living God.” So, God’s word will last forever, but there will be people who make perversions.  This is the case that we have in the Christian world today.  Someone is taking living words from the living God and perverting it.

This all has to deal with the subject of final authority.  This the most crucial thing going on in the world today. Why?  Because the issue of final authority determines—absolute truth.

Today, people are being taught that all truth is relative.  Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity digests down to this destructive premise.  It subtly teaches that everyone can have their own truth.  Of course this lends to chaos as everyone becomes their own authority and god.  A christian however, places himself in subjection to the Bible.  However, Jeremiah said somebody took those words and perverted them.  Therefore, it is crucial for the Christian to find the right words of God so he can live by them, and reject the perversions.

The King James Bible is the word of God for several reasons.  These reasons should be looked at and analyzed very carefully.  No true lover of God would want to follow a perversion, or become his own authority for that matter.  The King James Bible is the word of God because:

  • It’s the only bible that doesn’t have a copyright.  If you have a King James Bible in your hand, you have a Book with no copyright on it. You may see a copyright on the notes, references, maps, index, etc., but not on the word of God itself.  Anybody can get a plain King James Bible and there’s no copyright in it.  When King James endorsed it, he placed the Crown Copyright on it, but you don’t have to ask the Crown today for the right to print it. The Crown copyright is different from present day copyright.  King James didn’t copyright it to make money off of it.  he wanted the world to have it freely.  The Crown copyright showed that King James endorsed it, and in Ecclesiastes 8:4 it says, “Where the word of a king is, there is power.” It was copyrighted under a king, showing a king endorsed it.  This is much different than the copyright of today, which involves making money.
  • It is the only Bible which is “Authorized.”  The term “Authorized” is applied to the King James Bible alone.  It is the only Bible which the Holy Spirit has blessed.
  • It was translated under a God-Ordained King (Ecc. 8:4).  AND, the king under whom the Bible was translated has a Jewish name–James.
  • God promised to preserve His word.  He said, “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever” (Psalm 12:6-7).  No one can hide God’s true words from man.  If man wants to find it, there is certainly someplace it can be found. Christ said, “If a man love me, he will keep my words” (John 14:23).  How do you keep His words if you don’t have them? Christ said, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you” (John 15:7). How do you get a prayer promise if you don’t keep His words? Christ said, “He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God” (John 8:47). How do you hear them, if you don’t have them? The Bible says to the preacher, “Preach the word” (2 Tim. 4:2).  How can a preacher preach something he doesn’t have? If God can preserve us unto the day of salvation, then He can certainly preserve what He wrote.
  • It gives preeminence to the Lord Jesus Christ.  All other Bibles attack the deity of Jesus Christ.  Some bibles are quite obvious in their attack on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, while others are more subtle.  For example: the New King James Bible attacks the deity of Christ in Acts 4:27. It says that Jesus Christ was not God’s “child;” He was just God’s “servant.”  Other versions have come up with more blatant and dangerous changes to the scriptures.  The frontal assault is launched against such doctrines as: The Virgin Birth (Isa. 7:14; Luke 1:34; 2:33), The Blood Atonement (Col. 1:14; Acts 20:28; Eph. 1:7; Rev. 1:5), The Resurrection (Acts 1:3; Luke 24), His Deity (Acts 10:28; John 9:35; 1 Tim. 3:16), the Second Coming (Rev. 11:15; Titus 2:13).  These are just a few of examples of the many changes that show the devil’s handiwork in perverting the word of God.  Other “bibles” consistently attack the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no way they can have any merit.  The King James Bible, on the other hand, never attacks the Lord Jesus Christ (John 5:39).  It does the exact opposite–it EXALTS the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Because the vast majority of all manuscripts validate the King James Bible.  The Textus Receptus (received text) comes from Antioch, Syria, where the disciples were first called Christians.  At times it is called The Majority Text.  This is because there are a vast number of fragments collected from many locations that are all in agreement.  There is a huge amount of these manuscripts (all in agreement) because the early church would copy the writings and distribute them to other believers, who would in turn, copy them and distribute them.  Since the early church did not have the monetary resources of Rome, they were not copied onto sheets of vellum, but onto inferior paper, so they didn’t last the test of time.  The other manuscripts (LXX) come from Alexandria, Egypt, where Rome had great influence.  The LXX comes from only two corrupt manuscripts, known as “Vaticanus” and “Siniaticus.” These manuscripts are full of alterations to meet the demands Rome. They have been determined to be older, but again, they are only few.  Rome having influence in Alexandria, Egypt at that time, these are the adopted manuscripts of the Catholic church.  All new versions are direct translations from these corrupt Catholic manuscripts.  The King James Bible is the only one translated from the Textus Receptus (The Majority Text) which came from Antioch where Christianity began.
  • The honesty of the Translators.  The translators use of italics in the Bible shows the honesty of the translators.  They italicized words they put into the text that do not appear in the original language. Perverted Bible translations do not do this. The translators had the integrity to let us know what was added and what was original.  God says in Revelation 22:18-19, “If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”  Proverbs 30:5-6 says, “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.” Because It Exalts the Lord Jesus Christ.  The translators honored God.
  • It is a perfect translation. The words “translate” and “translated” only occur three times in the Bible (2 Sam. 3:10; Col. 1:13; Heb. 11:5.  Note: The number 3 is God’s number of perfection.). Each time, God is the Translator. Each time, something is going from one situation to a much better situation.  Since God inspired “holy men of God” (II Pet. 1:21) to write down His words in the first place,  He is certainly capable of guiding the translators to keep the words which Jesus told us to keep (John 14:23). It is also apparent by the character of God, that the translation became better than originally penned.
  • It’s fruit is good.  The Lord Jesus said that every good tree will bring forth good fruit, and we can know them BY their fruits (Mt. 7:17-20). God had the bible translated to bring forth good fruit. The perversions produce EVIL fruit. They produce infidels who profess to know God, but in fact they do not.  They spit out spiritual babies one right after the other who completely blind to basic Bible doctrine. However, the King James Bible is validated by the Holy Spirit who bears witness of the truth.
  • All perverted Bibles compare themselves to the King James Bible. They don’t compare themselves with each other.  They all compare themselves to the King James Bible.  This proves there is something special about the King James Bible. Why does everyone oppose the King James Bible and not the others? Satan has no desire to divide his own kingdom (Mt. 12:26). His desire is to discredit the word of GOD, not himself; so he attacks only one Book, God’s Book, the KJV.  Those who join the Devil in opposition to the King James Bible have no Final Authority.  They become their own authority.  I know they look like Christians.  They act, smell, talk, and dress like Christians, but they depend on their own judgment too much, thus becoming their own authority.

Let’s not accept the idea that the Authorized King James is outdated and needs to be replaced for a new translation. Satan knows that newborn babes in Christ will not have the real milk that they need in order to grow because they’ll have a watered down version of the truth. He figures that if he can’t kill the babes, he’ll do the next best thing-stunt their growth. At the same time the world will point to “Christianity” and say, “They don’t even have the same Bible.”



If you don’t agree…Problem solved!


For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. (2 Cor. 10:12)

I recently read an article where the basic premise was: “If you don’t agree with gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay—problem solved.”  Something struck me as quite odd with that statement and after thinking about it for a few minutes I realized what it was.  It settled upon the word: “agree.”  You see, they were saying, “If you don’t agree, and then don’t do it and your problem will be solved.”  The solution to your problem depended upon your agreement to the problem or not, and what you did with that agreement (i.e. do it or don’t do it.).

Now, I have never known a problem to go away just because I did or did not agree with it.  I can disagree with a police officer that I was not speeding and therefore I will not pay the fine to the judge; and my problem will be solved.  I cannot leave my wallet at home and agree that I don’t need it; and my problem will be solved.  In fact, my problem will be compounded because, this type of reasoning does nothing more than attempt to pass your problem on to someone else.  Okay, I don’t bring my wallet.  I reason that I disagree with needing it.  I go to the clothing store and do some shopping, saunter up to the checkout stand, receive the news of the total payment required, and tell the cashier, “I don’t agree with needing to pay for my purchase.”  I have effectively tried to place the burden of my problem on the cashier.  She gets her manager where, in turn, the problem is attempted to be placed on him.  He refuses receipt of goods and therefore rejects the problem becoming his, or the cashier’s or the stores.  So now a clash of wills occurs.  Somebody will have to back down and I do not think it will be the stores, for they are the ones who are presently in possession of the goods.  You see, right or wrong is not determined upon how someone accepts or does not accept a certain thing, idea or lifestyle.  For those who insist that it does, it reminds me of the Bible where it says, “…every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” (Jud. 21:25).

Since our state of agreement does not solve any problem, then what is it?  It must be something deeper that we are missing in the statement.  Right!  It is the determination of what is right and what is wrong.  For all of the USA’s history, it is the principles and morals of the Bible that set the standard for us to determine right or wrong.  The Bible has been the backbone of our value system and it is now under attack.  I see this in a three fold attack by the Devil:

  1. Dilute the Word of God.

  2. Obfuscate the Word of God.

  3. Eliminate the Word of God.

Diluting the Word of God will be subtle and will cause people to see the grand love and the harsh judgment of God in a much “lighter” atmosphere.  People will then begin to pick and choose what they want to believe or not.  This great maneuver has been accomplished by the production of so many different Bible versions that it is impossible to keep count; with more coming out every year.  It used to be one word of God, one holy Bible.  But now, you can actually choose which Bible you want to have based upon your desire for what God says that appeals to you or not.  In other words, what you agree with or not.  No matter how many different versions (perversions?) of God’s word there are, it will not change what God’s opinion is of a thing.  He stands by His word and as far as He is concerned, it is settled (Psa. 119:89).  Whether you agree with Him of not is irrelevant.

The obfuscation (or, confusion) of God’s word is once again accomplished by the multitude of perverse Bibles floating around the world today.  When people read them, and they teach something totally different than what God’s true word says, they confuse themselves about God.  I have been told that I hate gay people because I am a Christian.  I do not hate gay people, I hate homosexuality.  I hate the practice, not the person.  Neither does God hate the person.  He came into the world to die for the people of the world that they might be saved.  He did not come into the world to die for mans sinful ways so that man might retain his sin for eternity.  There is a big difference between the two.  Where does this grand obfuscation come from?  Well, of course it comes upon the back of the success of the Devils second maneuver.

The elimination of God’s word is what we see happening in full scale today.  These are the troubling times that the “Age of Grace” church finds itself.  During these last few hundred years; the church has not faced much persecution at all.  But now, on a grand scale, persecution will come because persecution of God’s word is directly related to persecution of God’s people.  Therefore, the attempted elimination of the Bible from society is an attempt to eliminate God’s people.  The word itself is of little threat without the people who live by its instruction.

Overnight there seems to be a reversal of roles in society.  The gays have come out of the closet while the Christians are being shoved into it.  Again, this has only happened because God’s people have fallen for the Devil’s dilution, obfuscation and elimination of God’s word.  So they defend, half heartedly, an institution (Christianity) that is watered down and confusing without even knowing it.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  They can do right.  They can cling to God’s word.  They can learn about being truly free in Christ.  They do not, because they do not want to.

Now, since there has been an effective assault upon God’s people through attacking His word, I submit that any response to this situation be likewise returned: tit for tat!  I am not talking about fighting!  Oh no!  I am not talking about defending God’s word!  I am talking about throwing off the shackles of shame that the Devil wants to place upon us to turn us into walking wounded.  In other words: use their same argument against them in the antithesis.  So, “If you don’t accept gay marriage just don’t marry a gay—problem solved,” respond with, “If you don’t accept Christians, don’t marry one—problem solved!”  Another one, “Bible thumpers are the rudest people in the world,” respond with, “Heathens are the rudest haters of God in the world!”  Another: “Why do Christians always try to go to the Bible to shove their ideas down my throat?”  Respond with, “Why do heathens never go to the Bible to shove their ideas down my throat?”

I see the big mistake that Christians of today make is trying to defend God and His word.  There is no need to be on the defense when we were commanded to be on the offense.  Again, I remind you, I am not talking about anything violent in any way whatsoever.  I am simply talking about not being ashamed of God.  Or, in other words, refuse to be put into the closet.  Maybe, just maybe we can even get the heathens to pray to God for our rapture.  Wouldn’t that be a sight.

Bible Readers

I am so glad to see that the people of our church are in their Bible’s.  I know that the Bible can change things in your life.  It is not that it is magical, or mystical.  It is miraculous.  It is the words of the all mighty Creator; the God of the universe.  How do I know that people are reading?  When I teach the Bible studies, from time to time, I solicit questions; I like soliciting questions from the class.  When I ask a question and the class is shooting back the answers, it indicates to me that they are paying attention and are interested in the subject. They are in their Bibles and are absorbing God’s word.  I know when this happens two things will result:

1.  God will be pleased.  His word is forever settled in Heaven (Psa. 119:89) and no man can ever change one single word of it (Mat. 5:18; 24:35).  They have tried, but the original copy is in Heaven and it is in the form of a person (John 1:1-3; Rev. 19:13).  That person is the Lord Jesus Christ.  God likes it when people study about His Son.  He likes it when we learn how Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Rev. 17:14; 19:16).  He has exalted His Son (Eph. 1:18) and likes us to know it.

2.  People will find all of the answers of life (Rom. 1:16-20).  These answers will excite them about their Creator and they will begin to see the greatness of who He is.  Nothing can charge up a person; can excite a person like seeing the Bible come alive right before their face.  Suddenly, life is not the life of a drone, fulfilling some purpose for the greater ones. It has meaning and definition and character.  What the world has attacked as being a “fairy tale for the week minded” is revealed to be far superior in message and meaning than anything the world can offer as a substitute.  Not only that, it proves itself to be truth: something that the world holds is low esteem.

I have seen many people during my life as a Christian have “the lights come on” in their Christian walk, and it is always related in some way to an insatiable desire to be in God’s Word.  The read and the answers flow through their minds and they wonder, “Why didn’t someone tell me about this a long time ago?”  This excites me: to see them grow in the Lord!  But, I am saddened when I hear, “Why didn’t my other church even tell me about these things?”  Of course, I have no answer for this.  I cannot fathom a church that does not major on the Bible and minor on the programs of social assistance.  And, this is what has happened in many cases.  So, when God sees people getting into their Bible, He too is excited and more than willing to reveal Himself to those people.

I love talking about the Bible with people.  I relish the doctrinal discourse with others.  I like to see how the Lord has revealed things to them.  Of the same story in the Bible, God almost always allows His creation to get a slightly different vision of how it happened.  It is fun to explore the way others see it.  No!  I am not talking about changing the doctrine.  I am talking about the slightly different vantage point from which people see the same thing.  A good Biblical example of this is the gospels.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all walked with Jesus.  They lived with Him and they all had the same experiences, but they each saw it a little different.  This is prevail ant in the slight differences in their writings of Christ’s life.  This is what I am talking about.  I like it because I can learn from others for “Iron sharpeneth Iron” (Pro. 27:17).

If I could encourage in one thing only during this brief moment where the paths of our life intersect, it would be to read your Bible.  It will make a difference in your life like nothing else can.  Nothing can be more important for the child of God than to learn about Him who saved you.  Nothing is more necessary to walk a Christian walk, than to read it.  This is why I think the Devil has put so much effort into altering it.  If he can flood the world with alternate Bibles (Politically correct statement?), then he can discourage people from reading the Real, preserved, bible.  Or, he can mislead them into reading a corrupt bible.  I have never noticed the zeal of which I speak, mentioned over a false Bible.  People duped by this corruption are more zealous over the feelings of, what they call: “worship” rather than the Word of the Living God.  Now, worship is not bad, but it is important to know what you worship.  To worship Jesus is to worship the Bible (John 1:1-3).  To worship a false Bible is to worship a false Jesus.  All of this to say: “Be sure you have the right Bible: The King James, 1611 Bible”.  It can do mighty things.  Or should I rather say, “He can do mighty things.