Chinese Character Story

Ron Coale

Pastor Coale has been in active ministry since 1996. He has worked in China, Thailand, Cambodia and all over the USA.

The Chinese Character Story booklet that I had written long ago is now available in digital form on  This book has inspired readers throughout the world, both in it’s English and Chinese format.  It has been used to show that the ancient Chinese forefathers knew emphatically the story of creation, even though China denies creation today.  It is an amazing story showing how God embedded the story of creation in the written Chinese language that is still widely used today.

It is in inspiration to see how God works on those who proclaim to be His enemy, using their efforts to deny God, to actually prove God’s existence, all without their knowledge they are being used by Him.

It is a truly good tool to use with the atheist who points to the far eastern religions of China.  Once they see that the Chinese ancestors clearly believed in God, they are perplexed about answering how that could be.

This book will open your mind to the “relationship” approach to living that the Shemite people thrive in.  I truly hope it will be a blessing to you.

The Chinese translation of this booklet can be obtained here for anyone who has a Chinese friend. This booklet has opened the door to lead many Chinese people to the Lord. Sincerely, Ron Coale

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