Christians concern with things going on in the world today

It is quite understandable that Christians are concerned with the things that are going on in the world today. Much of what we see is foretold in the pages of the Bible. It is always exciting to see God’s word unfold.

We must however, take care that we are not consumed with the cares of this world. They are almost always distractions from doing what we should be doing–preaching the good news of salvation. I does the Devil’s heart good to see God’s people squander their few short years on this earth on insignificant matters.

A good way to begin service for the Lord is to read your bible through completely. Secondly, pray every day, all throughout the day whenever you have an idle moment. Finally, no matter what, gather with God’s people.

When thoughts of politics and world events seem to grasp hold of your spirit, resist it. Don’t give in to it. It only seems to produce a critical, miserable Christian. Push those thoughts aside and replace them with positive thoughts of God’s promised future.~

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