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Offended people don’t really need to be offended

People get offended for the silliest reasons. 

Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

 A young lady could not visit her father anymore.  Years had gone by and this unsightly situation prevailed.  Finally, one day it came out why she was unwilling to visit.  It seems as if she was offended that her father made her wear dresses when she was young.

People get offended at the silliest things.  Of course, it doesn’t seem silly at the time, but that is because they are not looking at the situation clearly.  They are looking at the situation from a tainted viewpoint.  They are offended because they are thinking about themselves; how it affects them, or how they are embarrassed…  There is no need to get offended.  In fact, the only way you get offended is because you choose to be offended.

The Bible says that if you love God, His laws and are at peace with others, nothing will get you offended.  You can endure much more when you are “right” with God.  Very little will offend you if you are “right” with God.  When you love the law of God’s teachings, you will put them first in your life.  To put God’s law first is to put the giver of God’s law first–God.  When you are “right” with God, there is very little that the world can do to you because you will be in control of what you allow to affect you and what you will not allow to affect you.

You can take it to the bank–the person that is easily offended is struggling with their love for God’s teachings, rules or laws.  They have either broken them or are having trouble letting them into their life so they can control their actions.  In a finer sense I can say, they are having trouble giving up their “rights” to God.  These type of people think that they are the standard by which things should be done, or even become vocal about the way others live their life for Christ.  Somewhere in Christianity, people have lost sight of God being in control.  Oh, they say that He’s in control, believe that He is, proclaim that He is, yet they still live like He is not.  They fret and fear and worry and try to arrange things to their own benefit, while all the time they have abandoned the peace they can have by living like God is truly their creator and they are the created.

Christians would do well for themselves if they could just visualize they are nothing more than an “object”; created by God; for God (Rev 4:11), and not get offended about that.  Then all of the struggle, worry, fear and fretting will amount to nothing, neither here or in eternity.  If you could just close your eyes for a minute and visualize yourself giving your entire life to God, indiscriminately, with nothing held back, and no conditions placed upon the situation, you would be better off.  If you could allow that vision to slowly fade into a scenario of total obedience to God, even unto the death, you would live a much more peaceful life.  Why? Because total obedience, total commitment, total dedication describes love; a love for God.

King David saw a beautiful woman that he wanted to take for his wife.  He took her and she was eventually found to be with child.  The trouble was that she was already married to Uriah the Hittite who was off to war.  Trying to solve the problem himself, he thought if Uriah would come home, then he would surely sleep with his wife then his sin would be covered.  So he wrote orders for the general (Joab) to send Uriah home.  He told Uriah to “Go down to thy house…” (2 Sam. 11:8).  But, Uriah slept on the floor at the door of the king’s palace and did not go home to his wife.  When David discovered this he asked Uriah why he didn’t go home to his wife.  Uriah answered, “The ark of the Lord, Israel and Judah all sleep in tents.  My fellow soldiers all sleep in open fields.  I cannot allow myself these indulgences as long as this situation exists.”  To Uriah it was a matter of duty, honor and devotion to God.  He loved God.  But David gave secret orders for Joab to have Uriah lead the charge at hottest place of battle so Uriah would be killed in battle, and Uriah was killed.

Uriah loved not his life even unto death.  His love for God gave him peace.  Oh that Christians today could have that kind of dedication and love for God.  If they did, they would lead much more peaceful lives because very little would offend them.  When you think of God instead of yourself, little there is that you will allow to offend you.

How many Christians today would lead better, lives?

How much do we really know about God’s character?

It is God’s character to be a forgiver of sin.  Most of the time, when we hear this statement, we think about the forgiveness that WE GET and not about God’s character–THE FORGIVER.  God’s character is to think about others.  Man’s character is to think about Himself (Eph. 5:29).  We know all about ourselves, but how much do we really know about God? It is difficult to find Bible teaching that teaches with this very premise as it’s core.  You don’t very often find teachers who try to teach about God’s character and how He feels about things.  Most teaching falls into the trap of human need for satisfaction.  Man likes to know that he gets what he needs to make himself feel better about being a Christian.  However, teaching about the Bible, from God’s point of view, is out there; although it is difficult to find.  Most teaching is motivated by the need for money or popularity.  The teachers know this and that is why most extremely popular, media induced, Bible teaching is popular–because people hear what they want to hear to nourish and cherish his own self. There is nothing wrong with feeling good.  After all, it is an emotion that God put in us.  But He didn’t put it inside of us to be abused.  He put it in us so we can understand how He can feel, just as He put: hate, fear, remorse and sadness.  We are made in all of the image of God, not just the ones that we want to claim.  Man has abused the emotions that make us feel good by popularizing “feel good” churches.  So, he says, “if I feel good, and everything is positive, then I am identifying with God, but if it is negative and I feel conviction for my sin, then I am not identifying with God.”  This kind of thinking comes about from not grasping the truth that man is just a created being and God is the Creator. Man is nothing without God.  There is not even a thought that man can have without the awesome guiding, and direction of God.  Man is totally subject to God in everything.  There is not a breath our body takes without God moving the lungs.  There is not a beat of our heart that does not receive it’s power from God.  We are unabatedly subject to God. Why then did God give us the Bible?  We thought it was because He was giving us instruction on how to live.  True, but it is much more than that.  The Bible reveals  God’s character. New Tribes Missions author Trevor Mcllwain described it best when he said, “it is God’s love letter to us, telling us about Himself.”  Yes, He is instructing us about Himself, but all we see is how much we are not like Him.  He is showing us how He originally intended the relationship of Creator–creation to be.  It was supposed to be a wonderful relationship of God with man (the image of God) who could completely understand and identify with Him.  But man does not see it that way.  Man sees God as some kind of magic Genie who comes out to grant his wishes when he calls for him, then goes back into his bottle until he is needed again. God’s forgiveness of sin, especially this sin, speaks loudly about His character.  If we just consider ourselves as nothing, and God as everything, we can see God’s character.  If we can put ourselves out of the way long enough to learn something about God’s character, we will be much better off.  Then, we can begin living the Christian life.  Not the “Christian life” as the world supposes it to be.  The Christian life as God indented it to be.