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Grace Baptist Church is Mason County’s Independent Baptist Church.  Our purpose is to lead people into a redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ.  At GBC we educate people about God’s word.  Nothing is more important in this ever changing world than to know the Bible.  If you know the Bible then you will understand the character of God.  Everyone has their religion.  Everyone has their own opinion.  God has an opinion as well.  At GBC, we are interested in God’s opinion.

Below are some icons that link to some of the resources this site has to offer.  We think these links are some things you may be interested in.


Grace Baptist Church

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Grace Baptist Church

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Grace Baptist Church

Why the King James Version?






If you like to learn about the Bible by the medium of video, there are a host of sermons and video instruction classes that can be accessed here.  Furthermore, if you have any question about the Bible at all, you are encouraged to ask Pastor Coale (Our Bible answer man) by sending him an email through this site.

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